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Are you ready for your business to run more efficiently?

Do you want to keep all your information in one system, accessible to those who need access?

Would your customers benefit from a smoother and more effective journey with you?

Unimax Solutions are here to help you streamline your systems and procedures, to ensure both your customer and your business get exactly what they want and need.

Many people have heard of ‘CRM systems’ and buy an off-the-shelf product and then see how it can help them.

We have to be honest; this is the wrong way of doing it!

Customer Journey

Every business needs to have its customer journey mapped out so that they know how to maximise the relationship.  From the potential customer’s first awareness of the business, product or service… right through the relationship to the point that they tell everyone about the amazing service they received from you.

We can help you work out how to map out a customer journey ensuring you are considering both the customer’s and business’s needs.

Discover our Free and paid resources on How to Map Out a Customer Journey

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CRM Strategy

A CRM system should work FOR your company.  Creating a CRM strategy around your current processes will highlight where improvements can be made and enable you to streamline and automate where appropriate.

Understanding clearly what happens with the information you hold, at each stage of your business process, will enable you to select the correct CRM system and have it customised, so it works in the exact way you need it to. 

Discover our Free and paid resources on Creating Your CRM Strategy

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CRM Systems

Utilising an effective CRM system for your business could save you £0000s in fees for individual pieces of software, in staff time, and improve your customer experience all in one.

CRM systems can be set up so that each member of your team has access to the information they need.  The system can integrate with your accounting packages and website forms.  It will provide you with real time reporting at the touch of a button.  And it will make sure your customer is never left wondering where they are in the process ever again.

Discover more about Unimax Solutions CRM System Service

Why Work with Unimax Solutions 

We know business processes and CRM systems inside out because we have been customising CRM systems for our clients for over 25 years. 

But we also recognise that moving into 2022 and beyond, businesses processes have changed dramatically.  What once was the norm, is certainly no more!

And this is why we have changed… to be able to help businesses at any stage and of any size. 

Whether you already have a CRM system but recognise its simply not working for you…  or you are about to embark on your first CRM purchase… we can take you through all the steps required to ensure that your CRM system is the perfect one for your business now and well into the future.


Our Clients

What other business are saying about us

"The training and support we receive from Unimax Solutions is invaluable "

"The Maximizer CRM system has been in place at Bowood since the very beginning.

However, with recent changes to the Bowood sales and marketing team, and upgraded Maximizer options available, we quickly realised that we were not working with the system in the most effective way.

Two solid days of training with Colin and Jane and we are now working more efficiently, saving time and, most importantly, targeting the right clients.

The training and support we receive from Unimax Solutions is invaluable to us as a business, and I can’t speak highly enough of their services."


Jen Edmonson
Head of Marketing,

Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort

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