About Us 


The Unimax Solutions' team have been working with Maximizer CRM for over 25 years, as a proud Maximizer Certified Solution Provider (CSP).

Over the years we have completed over 250 Successful CRM implementation projects. These customers range from large organisations, with a hundred-plus people dependent on their CRM systems, through to small and medium-sized enterprises with one or two teams relying on their CRM systems for effective working.

Unimax Solutions provides CRM systems based in Maximizer CRM, both in the cloud environment and on-premise, hosted on a customer's own server. We offer both standard implementations and customised systems with programming based add-ons, such as the Customisation Suite, SQL Server reporting services, Workflow Automation and bespoke projects.

Our services include consultation, configuration, application engineering, data importing, implementation, integration, training and support.

Unimax Solutions is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


Meet the Team

Colin Proudman

Colin set up Unimax Solutions in 2001, he has been working with Maximizer CRM since 1998, building bespoke customisations and setting up CRM for a range of clients. 

Colin is our resident technical expert and is on hand to answer any technical queries that may arise. 

Becky Jamieson

Becky is our Managing Director and has worked with Maximizer CRM for many years. 

Becky often delivers Consultations, Demonstrations and Training.  Working with customers from day one to ensure the CRM that is implemented works as planned, in line with your business needs.

Alix Machin 

Alix is the Unimax Solutions office manager and our Project Manager. Any work that is scheduled into the diary goes to Alix. 

She is great at organisation and ensuring customers know exactly what is happening, what is needed and what will be happening next. 

You can be confident that Alix will be by your side when implementing CRM in to your business to help you achieve great results.