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Cloud CRM  

Cloud CRM simply means that you don't need to worry about buying/paying for a server to manage; we look after this for you and it's included in the cost of the CRM licence. 


Reduce costs

For businesses who want to reduce the cost of implementation by using a secure server in the cloud this is a great option and often the simplest. 

Data Security 

Your data will be held in a secure data centre within the UK; not only this, the data centre is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Act and is ISO9001 certified.  

Most cloud services have the option to pay annually or monthly for your subscription for each individual user who would then access the CRM system.

Why choose the Cloud option?

A Cloud subscription model is a good choice for businesses that want to get their CRM system up and running quickly. Also:

  • No installation costs

  • You do not need an in house infrastructure or IT support as your CRM provider will take care of this

  • You don’t need to worry about backing up your data

  • Upgrades are automatic and incur no additional costs

  • Access to the CRM is secure and simple