94% customer retention 
CRM tailored to your business
From only £30 per month 
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CRM For Customer Service  

Maximizer CRM provided and implemented by Unimax Solutions can increase customer retention for your business, improve the productivity of your service team and track and increase performance. Working together we can make Maximizer CRM work with your business.

Custom CRM

From only £30 per month

Increase Customer Retention

Implementing and using Maximizer CRM within your business can increase your customer retention. By making your team accountable and giving them the tools to resolve issues quickly and effectively you can ensure that you keep your customers satisfied, increasing customer retention.

Track Performance and Increase Productivity

Maximizer CRM can track the performance of individuals within your team through comprehensive dashboards and reporting. Customer service teams with good tools and performance indicators are motivated to get more done, which in turn will boost productivity.

Better Communication

A good Customer Relationship Management solution ensures all your data is in one place, having notes, documents and emails available at the click of a button means better communication both internally and externally.


Increase cross selling and upsell opportunities

Both cross selling and upselling are key areas for potential growth that are often missed. By working with you to make sure users have all the information they need at their fingertips, opportunities that arise can be identified quickly and be tracked efficiently.

Cost of System

Unimax Solutions supplies Maximizer CRM in two simple deployment options, with licences from £30 per user per month on your own server or £38 per user per month on ours. Maximizer CRM is affordable with multiple deployment options. We work with you from day one to map out your business processes and ensure you have a database to fit your business needs.