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CRM tailored to your business
From only £30 per month 
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CRM For Sales  

We work with you to make your business processes work within CRM. 

Maximizer CRM provided by Unimax Solutions really can help to increase the level of sales that you see within your business. Making your sales teams more productive, saving them time, and helping them focus on what matters.

Custom CRM

From only £30 per month

Make your sales team more productive

By working with you to ensure that your business processes are correctly mapped out within your CRM solution, Maximizer CRM can be built around your business's needs, giving you a solution that works with your team, to make them work smarter and not harder. 

Increased Sales 

Maximizer CRM allows us the flexibility to store key information to enhance the probability of closing a sale. Ensuring that touch-points and important business and sales information never get missed.


By identifying these key pieces of information we can ensure that your sales team is focused on the right information at the right time. 

Making your job easier

An effective CRM will allow all your data to be stored in a central location. With the whole team working in one place, notes, documents and emails become more effective and allow users to access the information they need within a couple of clicks. 

With the ability to set tasks for yourself and others, it's now easier than ever to stay on top of your workload and to pass information between the team. 

So if you're all working in a single office or in multiple global locations you can all access the same information at the same time, in real-time, to ensure that your team is working as effectively as possible without the extra workload. 

Cost of the system

Maximizer CRM from Unimax Solutions comes in two simple deployment options. You can host Maximizer CRM on your own server or in our server in the cloud

From day one we work with you to discuss the best and most cost-effective way forward. We offer a free-of-charge initial consultation, and licences cost as little as £30.00 per user per month. It couldn't be simpler. 

We can offer systems as a single project or phased implementations; pilot databases as proof of concept, and free trials - we have something to fit your business's requirements. 

Ease of implementation

Implementing a CRM system can be daunting for any business. We work with you to ensure that implementation has limited impact on your role; from as little as half a day commitment from your management team and the same from a key user or group of users.


We can ensure that your business processes are mapped out within Maximizer CRM, with key fields measuring data that is important to your business and the users of the system. 

Training can be completed on your site or ours, as training sessions or 'train the trainer' sessions. If time is key we can run online sessions to ensure that your business has reduced downtime and increased productivity as soon as possible.

Let us do the work so you don't have to. It's what we do.

Mapping the customer journey

Unimax Solutions works in partnership with your business from day one to ensure that each stage of the customer journey is mapped out as effectively as possible. 

Giving clear touchpoints additional value and assisting with effective lead nurturing, every stage of your customer's journey can be mapped out within your CRM system to ensure that follow up is effective and key opportunities are never missed.