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CRM Integrations 

When it comes to implementing the right CRM solution there are a lot of choices to make. People look for a practical solution at a realistic cost. That's why we look at any CRM project that needs further integrations as a partnership, we want to help you achieve that practical solution at that realistic cost and help you to achieve your end goal.
Maximizer CRM now has an ecosystem of pre built in product applications with third party software to make synchronisations between systems easier than ever.

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Microsoft Outlook & Maximizer CRM


Many businesses use Microsoft Outlook as their email platform and have done for years, which is why it was the first email platform that was integrated with Maximizer CRM.

Why integrate?

Microsoft Outlook Integration for Maximizer CRM does much more than simply save emails into your CRM system, it also allows you to add an Address Book entry, a Customer service case, Sales opportunity or a Hotlist task in Maximizer directly from Microsoft Outlook. 

Helping both the business and your customers

Keeping emails stored next to the company or contact within CRM at the correct stage of the customer life cycle allows all CRM users to have access to full company and contact history and information within a few clicks. Not only is this great for the team, but as a result of quicker access to information the customer receives a better customer experience.

How does it work?

The Maximizer CRM Integration with Microsoft Outlook gives you a new tool bar within Microsoft Outlook to work with, allowing you to synchronise both your email and Calendar. By using this Integration, you can view an Address Book Entry from Microsoft Outlook and also track an Outlook Email thread in Maximizer.

The Outlook Calendar synchronisation means that regardless of if you prefer to work in Maximizer CRM or in Outlook when booking appointments the details will appear in both diaries, eliminating double bookings and missed appointments. 


Microsoft Word & Maximizer CRM


Having access to merge to Microsoft Word within Maximizer CRM means you can work faster and smarter. Unimax Solutions will work with you to template any word documents that you use regularly. 

How does the integration work?

Word Integration for Maximizer CRM allows you to use Microsoft Word as your word processor while working with Maximizer. With Word integration, you can launch Word directly from Maximizer and work with Maximizer entries from Word.


Word integration installs the Maximizer tab in the ribbon in versions of Word that use a ribbon interface and the Maximizer toolbar in earlier versions of Word. The in product allows you to pull information from Maximizer Address Book entries, opportunities, customer service cases, and users with Word documents.


Templated Documents 

Unimax Solutions will work with you to template any word documents that you use regularly. This means that you can select companies, contacts or lists within Maximizer CRM and merge Microsoft Word documents with these records from within your CRM to auto populate fields, print and email from one place, working smarter and saving time. 

Integrate information from Maximizer Address Book entries, opportunities, customer service cases, and users with Word documents.


Microsoft Excel & Maximizer CRM


Almost all businesses use Microsoft Excel in some way, and for many businesses this is the main way of working before a successful CRM implementation project. That's one of the reasons why Maximizer CRM integrates so well with Excel.

Integration that works for you

The Maximizer CRM to Microsoft Excel integrations allows users to dig deeper into the information that they hold from sales, marketing and customer service data. You can quickly export to Excel when the need arises with a single click in Maximizer CRM. 

Let us work with you to create reporting templates

Maximizer CRM has an enhanced import and export feature and the ability to use both Maximizer CRM Microsoft Excel reporting templates and the option to upload your own. Unimax Solutions will work with you to get the templated report that you need to make your processes more effective than ever before. 


MailChimp & Maximizer CRM


Email marketing, when done well, can be a huge part of a business’s sales and marketing strategy. With many businesses using and being at ease with MailChimp this integration has been a game changer. 

A simplified and effective way of working

Maximizer CRM has always had the capability to send email campaigns through the Campaign Manager module within the product; however, with businesses changing the way they work and with more applications coming into the marketplace, to support email marketing a MailChimp connector was designed and is now available within the Maximizer CRM product as an application.

How it works

The MailChimp integration allows users of Maximizer and MailChimp to synchronise contact databases between the two applications and increase the functionality of their email marketing campaigns.  


Design in Mailchimp and see results in your CRM 

MailChimp integration will help you carry out email campaigns successfully and ensure a return on your investment.

This amazing integration means that you can create lists within Maximizer CRM based on the segmentation that you need, whilst still having the benefit of using MailChimp to design, create and send your email.


Plus, you can view all your campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes, directly within the customer account in Maximizer CRM.

With two-way synchronisation and field mapping you can pull relevant and accurate reports directly from your CRM that can be easily mapped against sales results.