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CRM Systems  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about understanding your customers through the information that you hold on them.

There are huge benefits in using CRM such as improved customer services, increased customer retention and loyalty and increased sales.

CRM For Sales

Why CRM?

Businesses hold a range of information on both customers and prospects, from basic contact information to more targeted information such as when they buy, how they buy and how they respond to marketing. This information may be kept in a range of places, such as email accounts, spreadsheets or paper.


Implementing a CRM system means putting all of this information in one place and making this information more effective and visible for everyone in the business.

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CRM For Customer Service

CRM systems come in two main forms: On-premise subscription or Cloud subscription. Choosing the right option depends on your business's resources, needs and wishes.

On-Premise CRM/ Subscription CRM 

For businesses that have a pre-existing server in place or are looking to purchase a server for various reasons. On-premise simply means that the CRM system would be installed onto your own server, either on-site or in your own virtual cloud.


You would normally pay an initial installation fee and could then expect to pay an annual licence fee for each individual user to access the CRM system.


In addition, you would pay for ongoing support of this database and for any upgrades, customisations or integrations with third party software.


You would also need to have support for your server; this may be via an employee in your business (in house) or via an external IT support company, to ensure that your data is backed up and that your server is maintained.

This option is also subject to your server meeting CRM specific system requirements.

Why should you choose an On-Premise solution? 

An On-Premise subscription model is a good choice for businesses that want to:

  • Customise their database outside of the standard options or integrate with third party software.

  • Keep control of their own data on their own servers