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CRM Systems

Does each ‘department’ in your business run its own systems?

Does it all feel a little disjointed?

Do you know there has to be a way to integrate and streamline?

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A CRM system can save a business £0000s in software fees and subscriptions and staff time undertaking long drawn out processes.  It can also help the business to grow by streamlining the customer experience, automating processes, and helping to plan strategic growth.

What is a CRM System?

A Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is a piece of software which holds your client data, integrates with other specialist software, and allows your whole team to access what they need to do their jobs.

However, its much, much more than that in reality.

Implemented correctly, a CRM system can automate tasks, add in additional touch points for your customers to ensure they feel valued, provide management reports at the click of a mouse, share information across the whole company, and save hours in manual tasks.


Why your business needs a CRM System

As a business begins to grow it’s often the case that systems and procedures develop organically. 

A software package is bought to manage the finances, another to create quotes, a spreadsheet holds your customer data… for example… and the systems don’t talk to one another, resulting in the overall business becoming somewhat disjointed and difficult to manage.

A CRM system will pull all your data together, helping you manage tasks, share information, streamline processes, look after your customers, and plan your business growth. 

The system can integrate with other software so, for example, if you enter a new customer’s details as they place an order, this could automatically link with your accounting software creating and sending them a deposit invoice, or order confirmation email.

A further example could be if someone fills in a form on your website. Your CRM system could automatically load their details, issue an instruction to the correct member of staff to contact them, and place them in an automated email series to thank them for the enquiry and explain what will happen next.

The answer to the question ‘why your business needs a CRM system’ is so that your business can grow, in a streamlined, controlled, and projected manner.

How a CRM System will help your business grow

There are a number of ways a CRM system will help your business grow. 

  • By controlling all your data in one software package, you have added security

  • As your whole team can access information from one piece of software they will know exactly where each customer is in their journey with you.

  • You can automate and streamline tasks, allowing your team to spend time on other areas of the business.

  • Your customers will have a seamless journey from enquiry through to the point you ask them for a testimonial.  Up and cross selling of products and services becomes simple.

  • You can create management reports at the touch of a button which will allow you to analyse profits, trends, and project your business growth.

  • You can integrate specialise software with the CRM system, from appointment booking to accountancy.

In short, the correct CRM system, implemented correctly, will save you time and money whist generating more business.


Unimax Solutions’ CRM Systems

Unimax Solutions has always been a CRM specialist, tailoring Maximizer CRM to our customers’ needs.

However, Maximizer is not always the best solution and so, if that is the case, we will recommend an alternative CRM software system for you.

Our reputation is created on our service to you.

We know that for a company to begin using a CRM system, there are steps to take before buying the software.

That is why we show our customers, How to map out a Customer Journey and How to create a CRM Strategy before looking at software.

To ensure we provide you with the correct tool for your business we need to be able to understand what you require it to do. Only then can we begin to customize the software to you, assist in populating it with your company data, and train your team to use it to its maximum effect.

But please never worry if you’d like support preparing your Customer Journey and your CRM strategy… we offer a full consultancy service – just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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