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How to Map out a Customer Journey

Do you have your customer's journey, from initial contact to testimonial and beyond, mapped out?

When you are thinking about a CRM system, or indeed any automation within your business, you first need to know how to map out a customer journey.  Without having this recorded, any system you implement will be ‘hit and miss’ and not optimise your business growth.

Do you have a detailed plan for it, or were you just going to see what it was capable of doing?

Can we be blunt?  There’s really little point implementing a CRM system if you haven’t mapped out how you want it to work for your business.  A CRM system is a powerful tool and unless you’ve considered how it can improve your business by creating a CRM strategy you could either hardly use it because its features are overwhelming to understand… or worse still, end up changing your business to fit the software which could be a huge mistake!

What is a customer journey?

A customer journey is the process that takes a cold lead who is just discovering your company, right through their experience with you, to the point of becoming an ambassador for your company and telling others about you.

A customer journey model includes the following stages:

  • Awareness – the customer is seeking a solution to a problem

  • Consideration – the customer knows about you and is considering your offering

  • Purchase – the transaction takes place

  • Service – the experience the customer has with you

  • Loyalty – repeat business and referrals and recommendations

To map out a customer journey you have to look at the points of contact, ownership of those touchpoints, and the objective of each of them from the point of view of both the customer and the business.

The four important questions to ask are:

What does the customer want and need?

How can you make that an even better experience?

How can you share this information with the team?

How can you deliver even better results?

Why you need to map out a customer journey

Quite simply, without one you could lose a potential customer, or indeed an existing one, because they don’t feel ‘looked after’ by you.  Every business needs its customers to turn into repeat customers, and ambassadors for the brand by leaving positive reviews and telling others about you.

Understanding how to map out a customer journey means you can ensure that at every single stage, your customers are educated, informed, and feel in control of their relationship with you.

Equally though, its just as important to look at your businesses needs throughout the journey to ensure you get the information you need to maximise your efficiency and business growth.

Having the journey mapped out means you can systemise and automate certain touchpoints, which will make all the difference to your customers and save you time to spend on other areas.

How does the customer journey integrate with a CRM system?

When you have the right CRM and it has been customised specifically for your business, your customers will move along their journey with you seamlessly.  The system will automate certain elements and remind you when in-person contact is required.

Having a CRM system to automate certain steps should not mean less personal contact with your customers… it will actually allow you to spend more time with them, at the right times.

How to map out a customer journey with Unimax Solutions

We have a number of services available to help you learn how to map out a customer journey.  You can jump into them at whatever point your business is currently at.

Download our FREE Customer Journey Guide to begin the process. 


Our half a day Customer Journey Mapping session, which provides you with guidance to create your detailed customer journey.  This includes worksheets so you can begin to answer the crucial questions and map out touchpoints and processes. Find more information here.


Your Customer Journey Consultancy.  We will work with you over a 6 week period to map out your customer journey, create touchpoints and identify automation opportunities and systems where appropriate.  To enquire about our Consultancy service….