10 Things you need to be clear about before you purchase CRM

If you are looking for a CRM solution, you will know there are many platforms available and everyone has an opinion on what system you should purchase but, who is listening to you?

There are a few simple areas you need to look at before you even start speaking to anyone about CRM.

Now, if you have already started looking and you haven’t looked at these areas, we can help so don’t worry it’s not too late...

Have you ever wondered what you really need to ask before you purchase CRM?
Top CRM Questions

Why do you need a CRM solution? has someone told you that you do, or do you have a clear objective that you are looking to achieve?

  1. Do you have any restrictions? what I mean by this is do you have a strict IT policy stating you can only host data locally? do all your staff have android devices?

  2. When are you looking to "Go Live" this may sound like a premature question but, if you don’t know this how can we start planning or driving the project forwards?

  3. What does your customer journey look like? what information along this journey do you want or need to track? Map this out and if you’re not sure, speak to some of your customers and ask for feedback.

  4. How much control do you want over your CRM system? do you want someone to configure this for you? do you want someone in your team to be upskilled to make changes?

  5. What does your GDPR policy state? if they say that your data is held in the UK or EU this may mean that many providers are not suitable as they may have American data centres.

  6. Do you have a budget? and is this budget one that allows for monthly or upfront costs? or a mix of the two? again this can make a huge difference when it comes to the providers that you can work with.

  7. What service do you need as a business? do you simply need a click and go option or, are you looking for a fully supported product?

  8. Who will be in charge of implementation within your business? do they know? are they onboard? will this person need extra support or training? can this be offered?

  9. Finally (for this list anyway) speak to your teams, what do they want and need from a database, how do they feel about a new system. This is often overlooked, however, having these conversations early means your teams will be more engaged with the change and you can plan for any additional change management or training that may be required, well in advance of starting the project.

All of these questions are equally important, and asking them in advance of starting your search will save you hours of time when it comes to speaking to providers.

Helping you to create your own CRM checklist of both must have and wish list items.

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