20 ways CRM can help your business in 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

As we enter a new decade of new possibilities and opportunities it’s a great time to start thinking about how we can grow our businesses, become more organised and make the most of our time.

Implementing CRM may be something you have previously thought about, tried in the past or are thinking about for the first time. Either way this blog will give you 20 ways CRM can help your business in 2020.

Now it is important to note at this point that I am taking specifically about Maximizer CRM and also working with Unimax Solutions here, and although it would be great if all CRM offered these points, this is not something I can guarantee… Unless of course you choose to partner with us!

1. Organisation – Having all the information you need about clients and prospects in one place is a great way to get organised, and find the information that you need, when you need it.

2. To Do Lists linked to customer account information – By linking your to do items to the account you need to action them on you can save time and increase productivity.

3. Real Time information – Yes, a CRM is only as good as the information that you put into it, however once using CRM becomes a habit and is adopted by the whole team, information is in real time and can be so much more valuable to both you and your customer.

4. Calendrer Synchronisation - With the ability to synchronise your CRM calendar with your MS Outlook or Google calendar you can ensure no double bookings and allows you to clearly see your availability.

5. User Defined Fields – Each business is different and needs to store different data on their customers and prospects, User Defined Fields allow us to configure CRM to give you the data you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

6. Support – From day one we work with you to embed CRM in to your business and ensure that you have long term success, this means you don’t need to worry about surprise costs when you want to make changes, if you have a support package in place.

7. Sales Pipelines – Multiple products or sales teams? By building in a single or multiple sales processes in to your CRM you can track pipelines and forecasting accurately and run many reports.

8. Reporting – Giving your business relevant reporting metrics from using User Defined Fields, Sales Processes and much more you can drill down into the information that you need.

9. Adaptability – Having the ability to change the way the CRM looks per business or per individual means you can give access of information to the right people at the right time, without making the database overly complex for those who value simplicity when working.

10. Mobile Access – Using CRM on the go can make a huge difference to anyone in the business who works “on the road” so to speak. Giving these users the ability to access information and also add notes on the go, with talk to text note taking capabilities means CRM is more user friendly that ever before.

11. Customer Service cases – The ability to have both customer service, sales and many more features in one system means a much wider view of your customers, a wider view means you can better meet their needs and improve customer service, up sell and cross sell opportunities and retention rates.

12. Remote Working – With CRM hosted in the cloud (your server or ours) you can access the database from anywhere meaning an improved work life balance. Plus, your business becomes a much more attractive company to work for.

13. Lead Tracking – With a separate area to track leads allowing you to decide what you transfer in to your main address book and when. You can focus on lead scoring, and tracking these via a clearly laid out lead generation cycle.

14. Email Marketing – Either in product or via MailChimp, meaning you can use the platform you are most comfortable with and still have the information on click rates etc. in a single platform, where the whole team can access the results if needed.

15. Security –Give different levels of access to different members of the team, from management with full access to sales teams with access to their own pipelines the choice is yours. With multiple levels of security, you can truly keep control of your most important asset, your data.

16. Action Plans – If you have a set way of working for specific projects you can set pre populated action plans to set automatic reminders at key points, giving you one less thing to think about.

17. App Store – The in-product App Store means you can self-manage simple integrations to grow your CRM independently, but don’t worry we can offer support and training on each to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

18. UK Support – Our team are based in the UK in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, as a certified Maximizer CRM business partner we can also gain additional support form our colleagues in Bracknell and the EMEA Maximizer Software Limited head office. Meaning you have a huge support network behind your database.

19. Searching capabilities – Running a report you have never ran before, don’t worry if there is a UDF we can search and report on this information, if it’s a regular search we can have this and even link to a quick search to save you event more time.

20. The latest technology – With regular advancements in AI and a dedicated technical team CRM is always developing, if you are in the cloud these updates are automatic meaning you will always be using the most advanced technology. If you choose to host CRM yourself, don’t worry we will let you know when new versions are available and work with you to upgrade your database.

For more information on how Unimax Solutions can help you to implement Maximizer CRM into your business and begin to put these things in place contact us today.