Analytics and Reporting

Are you looking to grow your business?

Could you enhance team performance through real time reporting and performance analysis?

If so then Maximizer CRM could help drive your business forwards.

Businesses need to know what their strengths are, and equally what the areas of improvement may be. Only through identification in both these areas can the people within the business and the business itself grow.

Customer relationship management systems can manage your customers to increase the overall customer experience, drive sales and make your team overall more productive. But, the reporting available within CRM can really help you to get an overview of individual, team and departmental performance.


Where to start

Analytics and reporting should be a main priority right from day one of CRM planning, by building fields within the system that are reportable you will ensure that you are holding the information you need.

Dashboards and Indicators

If you haven’t yet started planning what your CRM will look like, Dashboards and Indicators are a great way to start.

Simple things to think about when building your reporting structure within CRM include but are not limited to,

  • How many people you hold within the database and how many of these are active customers?

  • What type of customers do you hold information on?

  • Are these records GDPR compliant?

  • What are your sales figures MTD, Quarterly etc.?

  • What is your product split on these sales?

  • How many active customer service cases do you have?

  • Are these cases actively being worked?

  • How many to do items do you have outstanding?

  • What does all the above look like per person or team?

Identifying what is important to your business will really help you build indicators within the database to help you to manage the output of these areas, and identify any areas that you may need to develop, train people in or change.

If designed well and used in the right way this information is invaluable to a growing business

Maximizer CRM
Maximizer CRM Dashboard example

Types of Reports

The main purpose of your reports should be to help you monitor and control the key objectives that you have set for your CRM system, the ones that if met will mean your CRM system is a success.

This may be through fixed format or variable format reporting or perhaps note, pipeline or activity reports to name a few of the options available. We have a brand new eBook available that explains reporting in much more detail. You can download a copy here.

CRM Report Example

If you would like to try Maximizer CRM for yourself, we offer a 30 day trial of the database free of charge so that you can see how the database can work for you.

Likewise if you would like a live demonstration of Maximizer CRM in action contact our office on 01709 879192 or email to arrange a time and date.