Contact Management to drive productivity!

Could the day to day running of your business be more organized?

Could you benefit from having all of your customer data in one single searchable location?

If the answer is yes then CRM could be the key.

Here at Unimax Solutions we feel it is important to work with you to ensure that CRM works with you from day one. Maximizer CRM is a great tool to help you to drive business productivity by capturing every contact and communication in a single searchable location.

How can contact management help your business?

Contact management is usually one of the first things that is used when a new CRM solution is implemented in a business.

For smaller businesses it’s important that information is easily accessible to the whole team, as the absence of a single member of the team can have a drastic impact on the operation of the business as a whole.

With larger businesses although this is still the case a whole new reason for CRM comes into effect. With larger organisations sharing information becomes increasingly difficult, it becomes harder to keep a track of who's doing what and the status of a customer account can change multiple times in a short space of time.


Having a system that allows contact management to be effective means a huge levels of timesaving when looking for information, this also means that customers receive a much higher level of continuity.

You can now personalise the way you do business easily and keep your team organised and working towards an agreed standard without the need to monitor multiple databases.


Contact Management is all about organisation, the benefits to your business can be wide, but the below list names a few of the more common benefits that our customers have experienced.

• A shared Address book

• Multi-level security

• Audit log

• Standardised processes

• Automated processes

• Calendar

• User Defined Fields

• Mandatory fields

• Duplicate checking

• Search and filtering tools

• Call logging

• Automatically track emails

• Attach Files

• Alerts and Notifications

• Task Management

• Action Plans

• Knowledge sharing

Working with you to achieve contact management success

Unimax Solutions work with businesses from day one to ensure that contact management is not only tracked effectively, but also that the information stored as part of this is relevant and adds value to the operation of your business.

From identifying what information this may be through to ensuring this information matches with your existing business processes, flows through each department and gives the management information that is required as an end point deliverable.

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