Effective reminders and scheduling

Do you have a busy workload?

Is your business growing?

If the answer is yes then – you NEED to keep reading!

We all get busy and distracted from our to-do lists from time to time, CRM systems when configured correctly allow users to set to-do items against companies and contacts to ensure that noting gets missed.

How much time do you spend writing notes and passing information to another member of the team?

Reminders in Maximizer CRM allow users to set up reminders for themselves and for others, meaning that you can easily and quickly pass information on and schedule call backs simply and with the confidence that the message will not be missed.

How do reminders work?

Reminders can be set up on the form of notifications with pre-set alarms set at an agreed time before the task is due. So once they have been set up you can be confident that the database will keep track of them for you.

This can be attached the company or contact that the task relates to. Giving the end users not only a reminder that a task is due, but also the information that that they need to complete the task.

Don’t need to make that call back until next month?

Users can set up to-do lists days, months and weeks in advance and forget about them until the CRM system reminds them it’s time to complete an action. This is a great feature for sales follow ups after events and meetings.

Allowing your team to focus on what is important, with gentle reminders to not miss any opportunities.

What about appointments?

Appointments, meeting and events can be scheduled in advance in the same way.

These can connect to companies or contacts within the CRM system to send invitations and synchronize with company email platforms like Microsoft Outlook, 365, or Gmail to name a few.

So not only are meetings and appointments connected to the CRM giving you all the information on a customer when you need it without having to worry about preparation, but you can also confidently send email reminders and identify how many people will be at the meeting, well in advance.

What if I’m not at my PC?

The to-do items or tasks can even be viewed on mobile devices meaning we are even more connected to our customer and prospect needs than ever before.

Sales teams working on the road attending meetings and appointments can now be passed reminders and follow ups when they are out of the office and access these quickly, meaning that they are more readily available to offer support where needed.

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