Enhance your sales pipeline management

Are you ready to take yours sales to the next level?

Do you want to collaborate on sales opportunities with ease, and get visibility into your sales pipeline and revenue?

If so then using a CRM system to manage your sales pipeline could be just what you need.

A CRM system in any business that is not been used to manage sales pipelines is a missed opportunity. Any sales professional will tell you that knowing where each of their prospects sits within the sales cycle is vital to their success and also to their planning.

Most sales people can list their key clients without the use of a system or notes, but this is not as positive as it first seems.

Yes, these people are a truly valuable asset to the business but, in many ways with individuals holding key parts of information that are not shared across the team or business they can also be a business’s biggest risk. Which is why your Sales team may hold the most resistance to change when the decision is first made to implement CRM into a business.

But ironically, they are the ones who will benefit the most form CRM in the long term.

So how can CRM enhance your existing processes?

Maximizer CRM can help and here at Unimax Solutions we work with you to make sure that the information held, the processes put in place and the management information as a result truly fits around your business needs.

CRM has been used to manage aspects of the sales process for years, however recent developments in CRM systems mean you can now measure and track much more than ever.

You can now track each stage of the sale pipeline and have multiple pipelines for different products and services.

This is a great enhancement and means that you can now segment your sales data by product and/ or service. CRM now enables you to find out not only what product or service is selling at what rate, but you can now also track the average length of each part of this process.

Our customers have reporteda year on year compound growth rate of 20% per annum”

So what about the management information that you need?

CRM also means that you can implement dashboards and report that give real time results, flag up any customers that may need following up with urgency or identify those larger opportunities as they arise.

This means that you can now report on the successful areas of the pipeline and the parts of the process that need to be improved or revisited better than ever, giving you constant opportunities for growth and development.

Maximizer CRM Sales dashboard example

Better sales forecasting allows you to identify upcoming busy and quiet periods and begin to look at the required acquisition of customers into your sales funnel to ensure that your pipeline never falls too low.

CRM now enables you to track customer trends, sales trends, up sell and cross sell opportunities and enhance your sales team’s skill levels through identifying areas of strength and also development opportunities.

How do I know this will work for me?

If you would like to try Maximizer CRM for yourself we can set you up with a

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