Get GDPR ready with our Maximizer CRM GDPR set up package

How have you managed GDPR over the past 12 months?

Back in 2018 we spent months preparing our database for upcoming changes with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

Google fine!

These new regulations launched on 25th May 2018.

On 21st January 2019 French data watchdog CNIL has issued a Google a £44m fine for failing to follow general data protection regulation (GDPR) data protection rules.

The tech giant was fined over a "lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding ads personalisation".

Customer’s rights to access the data you hold on them.

Part of GDPR legislation gives any EU customer the right to demand a copy of their data from companies. This data must be easy to understand and should also be presented in a machine-readable format.

For companies still working on paper or with multiple pieces of software this can be a huge task, however holding all of your customer’s data in one single location can quickly solve this problem.

GDPR`s 1st Birthday

Now as the 1 year anniversary of GDPR approaches we are confident that our own Maximizer CRM system is compliant and that our own customer’s data is safe and secure. We are also confident that if a customer asks for the data that we hold on them this can be quickly and securely exported and sent to them via email.

Are we worried about this– No ! But, we are compliant and we are ready should this ever happen.

Our Customers

During our initial journey we received a few calls from customers asking what they should be doing in Maximizer CRM and how they can best track GDPR compliance within the CRM system.

Our newer customers can now be confident that all of their customer data in in a single, searchable and secure location and they have all had the option for a specific GDPR build, with fields for compliance, dashboards and indicators showing real time stats and the confidence that if they are audited they can prove that the data that they hold is relevant, reportable and they are able to easily export if needed.

How we can help you

If you want to know more about how Unimax Solutions can help your business centralise data and become GDPR secure, please get in touch.

Not only will our team work with you to set up a Customer Relationship Management database designed around what your business needs but, we can also offer the following services tailored around GDPR via implementation of Maximizer CRM.

  1. Set up plan and guide.

  2. Full project management by Unimax Solutions.

  3. A set of Key User Defined Fields to include the information you need to store.

  4. Formula User Defined Fields that feed into email marketing content.

  5. A specialised GDPR Colum set up view.

  6. A specially designed Dashboard with 12 indicators with click through to cover basic GDPR information.

  7. Email marketing type set up.

  8. Full set up.

  9. Initial GDPR “Right to be informed” (content to be provided by you) email campaign using the GDPR User Defined Fields.

  10. 1 hour online training with a member of your team.

  11. Training notes. 

What are you waiting for?

If you are unsure if CRM is the right choice for your business then don't worry, we can give you a free trial of Maximizer CRM to let you see how centralisation of data really can save you time and how GRPR management through CRM can work.

96% of SME owners don’t know the maximum fine for a GDPR breach.

Source -

For an SME this would likely be the lower tier fine — either up to £7.9m or 2% of their annual global turnover.

We can help you to start your journey to GDPR security today. Contact us to get started, you can email us at