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Could your business work smarter, could it offer customers a better all-round service and could your workforce benefit from all key documents stored and easily accessible in one location?

If the answer is yes then Unimax, has the perfect solution for you and your sales or customer service teams, to aid production and ultimately drive more sales.

You can watch our CRM demo here or you can get a free 30 day trial to test out our CRM systems for yourself!

Who are we?

Unimax Solutions boasts over 25 years’ experience with building and implementing Maximizer CRM systems and is a proud Maximizer Certified Solution Provider (CSP). Our team works on both Cloud and premise-based solutions, tailoring them to each specific client.

Since establishing, we have successfully completed more than 250 CRM implementation projects with companies right across the UK on varying scales - from large blue-chip companies with a 100+ people dependent on their CRM system, through small to medium sized enterprises with one or two teams of people using their CRM for effective working.

What do we offer?

Maximizer CRM provided by Unimax Solutions really can help to increase the level of sales that you see within your business and your customers will benefit too. Making your inhouse teams more productive through time saving and helping them to focus on what matters.

We work in partnership with your business right from initial enquiry to ensure each step of the CRM process is mapped out efficiently and tailored to your business goals.

CRM Systems

Implementing a CRM system can be a scary thought for any business, but we work with you to ensure that you have limited impact on your role during this time, from as little as half a day of commitment from your management team and the same from a key user or group of users we can minimise downtime.

We can ensure that your business processes are mapped out within Maximizer CRM, with key fields measuring data that is important to your business, goals, the future and the users of the system.

CRM for sales

This CRM solution is perfect for any company that has a sales team or multiple sales teams either based in the office or out on the road.

Maximizer CRM gives the flexibility to store key information - to enhance the probability of closing a sale. Ensuring that touchpoints alongside important business and sales information never get missed.

By identifying these key pieces of information, we can ensure that your sales team is focused on the right information at the right time and is all readily available at the click of a button.

CRM for Customer Service

The Maximizer CRM that we offer can increase customer retention for your business, improve the productivity of your service team and track and increase performance. Working together, Unimax Solutions can make this CRM Solution work for your business.

CRM Add-ons

Maximizer CRM is a great stand-alone product, however each business is different, operates in different ways, has different goals and objectives alongside completely different customer bases. With CRM application add ons such as MailChimp and Microsoft Outlook, through to bespoke integration projects we can work with you to enhance your CRM experience even further.

CRM Training

Alongside implementation and CRM add-ons we also offer comprehensive training solutions for your business.

From basic user training all the way up to CRM customisation training, we work with you to ensure your workforce has all the information they need at their fingertips.

Training can be completed at your premises or ours, and if training is time sensitive - we can run online sessions to ensure that your business has reduced down time and increased productivity as soon as possible.

How else can we help your business?

With our decades of experience in Maximizer CRM and with over 2,300 licenses sold, we truly believe that a company is only as good as the service it delivers.

Therefore, we go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring we do all the work, so you don’t have too!

An effective CRM system will allow all you to store all your data in a safe and central location, with the entire team working in one place. Notes, document's and emails become more effective and allow users to access the information that they need within a couple of clicks.

With the ability to set tasks for yourself and others it is easier now than ever to stay on top of your workload and to pass information between the team seamlessly.

No matter if you are all working in a single office or in multiple global sites you can all access the same information at the same time, in real-time, to ensure everyone is working as effectively as possible without extra processes.

We offer a range of CRM packages, but our CRM systems can also be tailored to your exact requirements. We can house the CRM on our dedicated server via the Cloud or on your own server. Not many CRM solutions providers still offer both these options.

Futureproofing businesses

A successful CRM implementation doesn’t finish when the system is live, Unimax Solutions continue to work with our clients on a schedule that suits your business to ensure that the Maximizer CRM continues to deliver, grow and enhance both your business and the overall experience that your customers receive.


From day one we work with you to discuss the best and most cost-effective way forward, from a free of charge initial consultation and licences costing from as little as £30.00 per user per month it couldn't be simpler.

We can offer systems as a single project, phased implementations, pilot databases as proof of concept and free trails we will have something to fit your business needs.

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