How a Sales CRM could transform your business!

Does your organisation have a sales team?

Could the team benefit from using a tailored Sales CRM solution?

If the answer is yes to either – listen up!

Unimax Solutions is a Maximizer CRM partner and we can help organisations increase the level of sales that you see within your business.

Our Sales CRM tools can help make your sales team more productive through time saving, locating all relevant documents and emails in one handy place and enabling them to focus on the matters at hand.

Increasing productivity

By working with you to ensure that your business processes are correctly mapped out within your tailored CRM system, Maximizer CRM can be built around your business - giving you a solution that works seamlessly with your team to make them work faster and smarter.

Mapping the customer journey

We ensure we work in close proximity with your business from day one, to ensure that each stage of the customer journey is mapped out as effectively as possible.

Ensure key sales opportunities are NEVER missed by having clear touchpoints and effective lead nurturing – your customer journey can be tracked, edited in real time and shared across the team in a matter of seconds. This makes for effective follow up processes.

Increase your sales percentage

Maximizer CRM gives businesses the flexibility to store key information to improve the prospect of closing a sale. Ensuring that touchpoints alongside important business and sales information never gets missed.

By identifying these key pieces of information, Unimax Solutions can ensure that your sales team is focused on the key data at the right time.

Make your team’s roles easier

An effective CRM will allows for all your data to be stored in a central location, one that the entire team can access, all working in one place with access with the click of a button to place notes, emails and important documents.

Having the ability to set tasks for yourself and others, it is now easier than ever to stay on top of workload and to pass information between the team for seamless working processes and information sharing.

No matter if you are working in a single office or multiple global sites, your team(s) can access the same information at the same time, to ensure effective working practices and communication.

The cost to you

Maximizer CRM from Unimax Solutions comes in two simple options. You can host Maximizer CRM on your own server or on our server in the cloud.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation and with licences starting from as little as £30.00 per user per month – can your business afford not to utilise a Maximizer CRM solution?

Limited downtime

Implementing a CRM system can be daunting for any business, but here at Unimax Solutions, we work with you and your team(s) to ensure that you have limited downtime and impact on your daily tasks.

All we require is as little as half a day of commitment from your management team and the same from a key user or group of users.

Training your team

As part of our tailored packages, we can incorporate training for your key employees. This could be refresher sessions or complete training for new employees.

​Training can be completed on your site or at Unimax offices. We can also offer online sessions to ensure that your business has reduced downtime and increased productivity as soon as possible.

For more information on the Maximizer CRM from Unimax Solutions contact us today: