How can you improve your Customer Service/ Help desk performance?

Does your business effectively track and manage customer service cases?

Customer satisfaction is important in a growing business, regardless of how good your sales team are you will only grow your business if you are both gaining new customers and retaining your existing customer base alike.

CRM can help you to manage your customer service or helpdesk to be more effective and to enhance the overall experience that your customer receives.

Where to start.

Identifying what is important both from a deliverable and commercial point of view alongside what is important from a customer service and customer retention view point alike you can then design and build the fields that will allow you to track these things and as a result begin to report on them. This is something we help a lot of businesses with if you are unsure where to start in this process we can help.


Reporting from customer service can tell you many things from how many cases you are raising each month, what these cases are in relation to – allowing you to identify FAQs, factsheet opportunities etc. how many are resolved, per month, quarter, person or team. Through to connecting surveys and keeping a track of your overall customer satisfaction score.

Maximizer Customer Services Dashboard

How can Customer Service Cases help your business?

If like many businesses today you are taking a customer centric approach to business this is a great way to enhance this way of working.

If, however you are working in more of a service industry, you may want a customer service or helpdesk model that sends automated emails out once a job or ticket is raised, you may want a label to be sent to the customer for postage, or an update to be sent after a few days identifying the progress of the job. There are many options available and we have customers who utilise all of these and more.

How this can help the rest of the business

By having the correct user defined fields available both for storing and updating relevant information key to customer service in particular is an important data set to hold, this information can be used by other team members, in different departments or teams to help them to answer any questions should the customer contact them. Know when to pause or push sales efforts, and also help others to effectively account manage the customer. Read more about how shared information can help your business become more productive with our Track interactions through shared information Blog.

If you are unsure which way is the best way to go, then start simple and build and then add in automations and surveys as you progress and get to know the CRM system better.