How do you measure customer success?

Customer services is a huge part of any business, but we believe that taking this one step further and working in partnership with your customers to achieve customer success is the best way to do business and achieve outstanding and ongoing customer relationships.

What does working in partnership truly mean?

Like many projects implementing CRM is seen as another tick off on the list of business goals, with many benefits to businesses from Sales growth to managing the customer lifecycle to name a few. CRM when implemented well can propel a business to increased levels of success. But we truly believe that CRM should be an ongoing project, that’s why we spend so much time working in partnership with our customers to ensure ongoing success.

Because we use CRM ourselves we track important information on our customers from their long term goals to the features within the product that they currently use to those that may be required in the future, We stay in touch through emails, calls and meetings to ensure that we are working with them to make changes as and when their own business needs change. We also advise our customers to have super users to provide feedback and help others within the team get the most out of the CRM system.

Regular Contact

Regular contact at the right time can make a huge difference to the success of a project, a good project is only as good as the people that drive it continually forwards, business never stand still (or at least the successful ones don’t) meaning CRM must be a partnership not a quick fix.

Customer Success

Customer success means working with our customers to ensure that they are tracking and maintaining the success of their own customers, this is where our partnership with Maximizer CRM comes into play at its best. From discussing business objectives, user adoption success, customer retention and churn rates, productivity effectiveness and the customer success model of the business, Customer success covers a wide range of factors.

Here’s what Harriet Ansell the Customer Success Manger at Maximizer Software has to say on the subject.

“As you commit to a new CRM project you are keen to ensure that you have everything covered, from implementation, team buy-in, user adoption, and continuously through to developing the project further in alignment with your business goals. Customer Success helps you manage these fundamental stages, acting as a trusted mentor and advisor along the way. Developing a partnership with our customers is an important part of our Customer Success strategy at Maximizer, providing additional value to each customer on their unique CRM journey with us. Through value review calls, we are able to tailor our conversation specifically to each customer, discussing Maximizer CRM features which can both address business challenges and help grow the business. Collaborating with Maximizer Business Partners, enables us to provide the best resources, support and value to our customers”.

You can connect with Harriet via LinkedIn here. Working in partnership with Harriet we are able to ensure all of our new customers are contacted and have a value review call to begin this important process at the right time.

If you would like to find out more about Customer Success you can watch the on demand webinar Digital Transformation- The Secret To Customer Success hosted by Harriet focusing on Customer Success in the Manufacturing industry here.

How can you use your CRM to track the success of your own customers?

Think about what information is important to your business, what are the key drivers that you need to track customer success? Is this in line with your overall business objective and growth plan? What information do you need to know quickly?

Once you have answered these questions you an then begin to build User Defined Fields to hold this information, involve the end users in this decision making process where possible and ensure that they know why the information is important and the purpose of collating this. Then map these fields into CRM and create any indicators you may need to show you this information in real time.

Don’t worry if you are unsure where to start or how to map these out. This is one of the many things we can help with in a consultation session, from mapping to design, training and implementation we can ensure you get the results that you need.

Don’t have a CRM?

If you haven’t yet implemented CRM into your business then don’t worry, you can still begin to track this information in other ways in preparation for the transition. Plus we offer a 30 day trial of Maximizer CRM so you can see just how this, and many of the other features can help your business for yourself.