If your sales team aren’t mobile are they moving forwards?

Does your company have a Mobile CRM strategy?

CRM allows businesses to not be tied to their desks, no longer do we need to have piles of files cluttering up our working spaces, but instead the information is stored within CRM and accessible wherever we are, using mobile phones and tablets to access this information is what makes your business run more effectively and stand out from the crowd.

If you haven’t yet implemented a Mobile CRM strategy then don’t worry we can help you to put one in place.

CRM Moble access

Access information quickly and easily wherever you are?

With easy to download Apps available for Maximizer CRM from either Android or iOS your users can now be up and running within a couple of minutes.

Mobile access to any system is more important than ever before. With many different kinds of professionals using mobile devices on a daily basis whether it be mobile phones, tablets or other devices.

Technology is at our fingertips and people expect to be able to access anything that they may need when and where they need it. That’s why mobile access to CRM has become such a driving factor in the decision making process.

The importance of Mobile access.

Sales professionals need information on prospects and clients alike quickly and see updates in real time, and with most people working out of the office from home or on the road, mobile access is the fastest way for these professionals to both access and update important information.

People want access to everything all the time and are more inpatient than ever, meaning businesses need to be more proactive and more reactive than ever before in turn. Having access to your customer relationship management database at all times means that you can be the business your customers need you to be, and you have access to the information that you need to do that effectively at any time.

What features to expect

  1. Firstly quick and simple access- apps that are complex to use won’t work, simplicity is key.

  2. A clear outline of “to do`s” outlines and upcoming appointments.

  3. Simple search functions.

  4. The ability to make calls, send texts and emails from the phone without switching Apps.

  5. Important customer information that is easily viewable, this means the information that is important to your business, inclusive of notes and documents.

  6. Information on Leads, Prospects and Opportunities.

Tips for a simple Mobile CRM strategy.
Think about your users, who do you want to have access to the CRM system via a mobile device?
What information is important when you or your users are out of the office?
What device will the users be accessing the CRM through?
Do these users need mobile access training ?
Have you briefed these users on the mobile access aims, guidelines and expectations?
Do you need support to be able to be able to action this plan effectively?

Maximizer CRM Trial

One of the many reasons we offer a 30 day trial of Maximizer CRM is to enable users to identify if Maximizer is right for them and allow them to test the mobile access.

If you would like to test Maximizer CRM for yourself please get in touch and we will set you up with both standard desktop and mobile access.