Improve Sales with effective CRM

Are you looking to improve your sales conversion?

Would your business benefit from a structured sales process?

If the answer is yes, then using a CRM solution to define clear sales cycles, processes and track results is the way forwards.

Having a defined sales process in place that is followed and has some automation makes the sale process effective, efficient and easy.

The Sales Process

The first thing is to map out the sales process that you want, you need to think about what you know works and also what your ideal sales process will be. Then you can map this into your CRM system, there are so many reasons this is important, from ensuring business consistency and driving sales, through to forecasting and automations. Maximizer CRM allows businesses to set up multiple sales processes meaning that you can set these to match your products and services.

Sales Process example Maximizer CRM

Sales Process example Maximizer CRM

Once these processes have been mapped into your CRM you can then begin to report on them and look at key indicators such as how many prospects you have at each stage of the cycle. Identify any gaps or areas for improvement and even track how many days’ prospects sit in each stage.

This means better sales forecasting and more allow working focus to become increasingly defined and productive as a result, closing more sales through the ability to better nurture the prospects that sit in the sales cycle at each stage.

Maximizer CRM sales Process and Key Informaion

Touchpoints and Automations

Automations in CRM are so helpful and will take away duplication of data input and those “boring” tasks. However, they are also so much more. From initial point of interest through to delivery there are multiple opportunities to enhance the customer experience and drive interest.

We know that multiple touchpoints are needed between your business and a potential customer before they are ready to make a purchase. Although this can change dependent on the business and the product or service being offered, it is in the range of 5 to 15 touch points. CRM can through simple automations add touchpoints without the sales team having to lift a finger, well as long as the CRM is kept up to date that is.

Take auto responders for example, you can simple set an email to go out to a customer based on the information that you hold on them at a time that you find most beneficial, completely automated. You can even get this email to then update fields within the CRM in return, depending how smart and technical you want to make the process.

Real Life Example

A customer of mine set up a challenge campaign via social media, the customer simply completed an online form identifying themselves as wanting to take part, the information was pulled into their CRM and a member of the administration team was notified, they then went in to the CRM checked they had all the information that was required, a valid email etc. (the customer didn’t want spammy email addresses form chatbots) then a user defied field was marked yes, to express their opt in and the CRM then send the contact an email every other day with a new task, giving them 24 hours to complete and post the results to social media, this was tracked and action was taken dependent on results.

The emails were completely automated, however the people taking part felt like the emails were being sent to them personally and that the content was tailored specifically to their actions, which to a certain level it was.

At intervals in the automation another email was sent as a survey, dependent on the answers given a call was made or the emails continued, this campaign was moving people through various points of contact needed to build trust and encourage them to purchase a service as a result, it worked.

This is just one example of what can be done but it outlines how the sales process can be made more effective and how CRM can help.

Mobile Access

Sales professionals need information on prospects and clients alike quickly and see updates in real time, and with most people working out of the office from home or on the road, mobile access is the fastest way for these professionals to both access and update important information.

People want access to everything all the time and are more impatient than ever, meaning businesses need to be more proactive and more reactive than ever before in turn. Having access to your customer relationship management database at all times means that you can be the business your customers need you to be, and you have access to the information that you need to do that effectively at any time.

If you would like to know about the benefits of mobile access and how this can support your sales team even further you can read our blog, 'If your sales team aren't mobile are they moving forwards' here.

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