Seven main benefits of automating your business

When your business involves any repeatable tasks, there’s always a huge opportunity to automate your processes. You know you could take steps to start automating your business, but you’re possibly not sure what those steps are… Let us guide you through, outlining the benefits, and give you a helping hand.

Who can automate their business?

Automation is suitable for both small and large companies. If you start automating your business in the early stages, when there are only a handful of team members, your business growth may well become easier.

It also doesn’t matter what type of industry or sector you are in, as there are always ways to make automation work for you.

There are huge benefits to automating your business processes, including –

1. Saving time

2. Cost-effectiveness

3. Eliminating mistakes

4. Cutting down on paperwork

5. Increasing scalability

6. Standardising processes

7. Providing a better customer experience

Automation can be applied to just about any area of your business workflow. However, we always suggest starting by mapping out your customer journey. If you’re not sure what that means, first read our blog post ‘why customer journey mapping is important to create a thriving business’.

When creating your customer journey map, go through each step a customer experiences from discovering your business and take note of any repeatable processes. That’s any task that happens within your business which doesn’t change from customer to customer. This may be tasks such as emails, proposals, quotations, and contracts – they may be personalised but in essence, it’s the same process.

Once you have an idea of which tasks you repeat, you can start looking for the best automation solution for your business. With automation, you can also add in new opportunities for nurturing your existing customers to generate more repeat business – possibly customer touchpoints that you don’t have the time or workforce for now.

Automation could cover, appointment reminders, product delivery updates, renewal reminders, or promotion codes – to name just a few - that are automatically sent via email or text message to your customers. When you automate your business, you’ll never miss a beat with in-built reminders and communication.

1. Get more time in your business with automation

Automating your business will free up time across your business. Any employee who currently does any of those repeatable tasks will instantly save time through automation. This also frees up more time for business development and growth, as you’re not bogged down by manual daily tasks. Just think about how much extra time you’ll have to generate new clients…

2. Cost-effective automated services save money

With the reduction in your employee time on repetitive tasks, comes a reduction in overall business costs. Instead of paying someone to complete a task that doesn’t generate new business, you can be utilising that employee elsewhere to provide even more value.

3. Fewer human errors with automation

As with any repeatable tasks delivered by humans, it’s only natural there will be errors. Especially when those tasks are done multiple times in a day. With automation, there will be fewer errors – people get tired and lose focus, but computer systems don’t. Having less mistakes made, ultimately saves you yet more time and money.

4. Reduce the need for endless paperwork

Automation can reduce the need for physical paperwork in your office. Save time and money because files you currently print, scan, and send via email, can all be accessed, and even signed, online. By using an automated system, your paperwork can be tracked more efficiently. You won’t end up with missing documents stacked high on someone’s desk or misplaced or misfiled... You’ll be reducing your office supply costs and helping to save the environment with less paper, too.

5. Increase your business scalability with automation

As your business grows, having an automated system will make replicating and developing that process easier. Automating your business makes it more flexible and scalable, future-proofing your company from changes in staff members, for example.

6. Standardise your workflows by automating your business

With business growth often comes new employees. Onboarding new staff can be a challenge, showing them all the workflow steps… not with an automated system! Teaching new staff how to work your automated process will be so much more efficient as you will have set processes in place. By standardising your processes, quality control will be simpler across all team members.

7. Give your customers a better experience

By automating your business and standardising your workflows, all your customers are guaranteed to get a better experience. Each new lead will be taken through the same customer service experience, as each of your staff members will follow the exact same process.

When your customers know what to expect and that you deliver high standards every time, your loyal customer base will grow. And with loyal customers comes word-of-mouth referrals, reviews, and even more business success.

Why should you use one system for your automation?

Many businesses end up with many systems and pieces of software that don’t talk to each other. This happens often because as businesses organically grow, they collect multiple online tools and subscriptions that help with one particular area that’s challenging them at that particular time. Or when businesses are smaller, they may be able to manually manage tasks and don’t see the benefit of paying for an automation system.

Such solutions are suitable for a short time, but many growing businesses quickly find they’re in need of a more robust system… they’re tired of using different streams and want one piece of software which can do all that they need. And sometimes by this point, the cost of the various subscriptions is very high!

That’s why we always recommend a full customer relationship management (CRM) system, customised to your business. This provides everything your business and customers need, all in one place.

Team members can access the area of your business information that they need to do their role, your company data is easier to control and report on, and you can create a seamless customer journey with automations. Plus, if you start automating your business early on, you have the tools already in place to grow and scale more efficiently.

With Unimax Solutions’ CRM systems, we will customise your CRM for you and create integrations with specialist software, such as accountancy and scheduling.

Don’t be left behind, start automating your business now! For help to get started, we offer CRM Strategy workshops and always encourage you to get in touch for a chat. Unimax Solutions can provide you with fully customised CRM systems and automated processes that will save you time, money, and sleepless nights!

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