Solving your CRM worries

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management system is a big job.

In many cases there are multiple decision makers all with their own questions, concerns and unique set of requirements.

This is something that we face on a daily basis and its part of my role to help you overcome this and make it one less thing to worry about in the search for the right CRM system.

This blog article is designed to handle just some of the concerns that we come across daily, I hope these will help you to answer some basic concerns you or your colleagues may have when making the move to a new CRM system.

CRM looks complicated

Solution – You need to choose a CRM that can be customised to be as simple as you need it to be. A well designed CRM system will look as simple or as complex as your business needs, putting information into CRM that serves no purpose will not benefit anyone. Instead the entire CRM system should be mapped out in advance and showcase the information that you need.

How do we do this – It all starts with a Consultation, from here we get to know your business, what is important now and what may be important in the future, we believe in working with you to find out what is most important to you we can make your CRM system deliver in these areas. We can take away any features that may not be needed just yet with the option to add these back in as the business and the system grows, we will give you full training and ongoing support in case you ever have any questions.

What this means for you – You no longer need to worry, you are not alone and our team is always ready to work with you to get exactly what you need from your CRM system as easily as possible.

I need something to help me manage my customers simply

Solution – CRM is not just for sales, in fact a good CRM is also designed around customer experience and also customer retention.

How we do this – By working with you to map into CRM your customer journey, we can help you identify key information per team, we help you to create a map of your future CRM system. Only then do we begin to build user defined fields, column set ups and searches. Once all this is mapped out and built we then have the ability to feed this information into dashboards so the information is just a click away giving you a range of information from highlighting customer trends to managing customer service enquiries and tracking renewal dates.

What this means for you – By setting a CRM to track key customer information you no longer need to worry information will be missed and CRM can remind you when work with new and existing customers’ needs to be completed.

I need to know how my sales team are preforming.

Solution – CRM can track each stage of the sales cycle and also tell you who`s doing what.

How do we do it – By working with you to build in to CRM your sales cycle and key touch points we can then begin to report on this. We can also help you track how your sales team are preforming by letting you know how long each stage takes, giving you each individuals Won, Lost, Abandoned and Suspended rates, for the sales opportunity’s they work with and also how they are preforming towards quota. Giving you and them the tools to keep on top of this and perform better.

What this means for you – Your sales team can be self-motivated by seeing real time results on their efforts. You can see at a glance how the team is preforming, areas of excellence and areas that may need additional coaching or development. Plus if you need to report on these findings you can do so with a single click.

I need a CRM to help me with my marketing but GDPR is a worry, I don’t know which system to choose.

Solution – You need a CRM that allows for or comes with a built in GDPR set of fields that works with your Marketing efforts

How we do this – By setting your CRM system to be GDPR compliant you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong information to the wrong customer, both you and them can manage the settings of each individual account so you don’t need to worry about people receiving the right type of content or in some cases any content at all. This can be done within the CRM itself or via a third party integration for example Maximizer CRM comes with an inbuilt email campaign manager and the option of using a MailChimp integration so you can choose which platform works best for your needs.

What this means for you – Our GDPR build means once it is set up you don’t need to worry again. The CRM will take care of this for you and our team will review this every year to ensure you are still compliant. All your team need to do is fill in the pre set fields when they add a new contact or a customer asks that you change their details or preferences.

I have tried CRM in the past and it didn’t preform.

Solution – CRM has come a long way in the past 3 years, in many cases it’s a different system all together. If you have tried CRM before and it hasn’t worked then have a demo and a trial before you commit again and be confident in choosing the right system.

How we do this – We come across this more often that you may think, even some of our own legacy customers are amazed how far CRM has come in only the last few version launches. For customers where CRM has not preformed in the past it is important that we plan right, that we give a full on boarding process and that after implementation and training we stay in touch and have regular performance reviews.

What this means for you – You can be confident that if you choose a CRM that is right for your business needs, working with a provider that will support you, then you will have a whole different experience. Planning and ongoing partnership is the Key to a successful CRM system.

Choose a CRM provider that will support your CRM success and you will succeed.

Here at Unimax Solutions we can help you every step of the way from consultation to build, following with ongoing support. If you would like to try Maximizer CRM for yourself please get in touch to arrange a demonstration and your free 30 day trial.