Take the stress out of your CRM project

If you are looking to improve your business, implement new technology or if you are thinking about automating some of your processes then you will know that research is important, getting the right support is invaluable and sometimes outsourcing is the only option.

Once you know you need a CRM then you need a CRM partner...

I speak to so many business owners and managers who know that they need to implement new technology, but the truth is this is a HUGE learning curve!

Many people don't even want to build a solution because it seems too difficult or time-consuming and often decide to go for off the shelf product and get this...

They will change the way their business works to fit the database they have chosen because it's FREE?!

Madness right...

If you build a business with procedures and processes that you spent months or even years creating, processes that work, capture valuable information and that makes you stand out from your competitors. Then why would you change that to fit a database that was designed by someone else? Someone who has never even spoken to you, let alone tried to get to know you and your business.

Choosing to work with a CRM partner means creating a solution that works for you, storing information that you need and want.

Plus you don't have to learn anything you don't want to, we consult, configure, develop, build, train and support you. On the other hand, if you want to learn everything you can, we can offer that too.

We work with you to configure a Customer Relationship Management system based around you and your business.

You tell us what's important, what you need to track and store and what reports you need to help you grow and make those all-important decisions. You tell us who in your team needs access and what level of access they need.

So, if you don't want to do the "techy" bit or if CRM is simply one of those things you know you should do, but you don't know where to start we can help.

We use Maximizer CRM as a database template that allows us to configure what you need when you need it. Unlike a completely bespoke build, you will get the benefit of frequent updates to the software without complete rebuild costs. The Maximizer CRM developers are always working on the next big thing meaning your software stays up to date.

All this plus ongoing UK support and as much or as little control over your database as you need, all of this is designed with you in mind, meaning long term successful CRM partnerships with systems that work!

If you want to know more feel free to contact me via the contact us form or via one of our social media platforms.