The importance of Project Management when implementing CRM

Whether you’re implementing CRM in just one department with one user or several departments with 50 plus users the project management is just as important.

Having your CRM implementation project managed will ensure that your project is always moving forward and working towards the end goal of having a successful Customer Relationship Management system in place.

One Point of Contact

Having one point of contact at both Unimax Solutions and one point of contact within your business to work alongside the project manager at Unimax Solutions will help to keep the CRM project on track.

All information regarding the project should pass between these two people, this helps keep all information in one place and both parties have a full overview of the project at all times.

Not having one point of contact from the beginning of a project can have adverse effects on the project timeframe and take longer to implement.


When implementing a CRM system, it is very important to have a plan!

Our Project Manager will liaise with the point of contact nominated within your business, regarding dates and times to ensure that the resources for a successful project are on hand when needed both here at Unimax Solutions and in your business.

They will then send out the agreed project plan to work to, this will show what actions need to be completed, who is responsible for the individual actions and what date and time in which they need to be completed.


Once a project is underway and people have been assigned their tasks, it is very important that the Project Manager oversees the actions being completed, notified of any unavoidable delays and keeps the project on track within the timeframes given in the plan.

Having someone responsible for this within your business means the project runs smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Benefits of Project Management when implementing CRM

· One Point of Contact

· Weekly Project Calls (if required)

· Planned Timeframes

· Scheduled Delivery

· Successful and timely implementation

Not only do Unimax Solutions offer project management with new implementations of CRM we also offer project management with service jobs where needed.

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