Track interactions through shared information

Does your business track customer interactions effectively?

Do you have all the information that you need to hand if a customer calls?

What if the account manager is on annual leave?

If your business could improve customer interactions through tracking what is important to them and how this is being handled then this is the blog for you!

A huge benefit of using a customer relationship management system is the ability to share information. Unimax Solutions work with companies to ensure that processes are mapped and that notes, documents and emails are available where you need them to be.

Maximizer CRM allows for this information to be stored at different levels in the database meaning you have relevant correspondence in the place it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Notes, Documents and Emails

Having the correct information when you need it is a game changer.

With the ability to store notes, documents and emails against companies and contacts in the right place, available at the right time really does improve the customers overall experience of your business.

Unimax Solutions work with you to ensure that your team are trained. This training includes showing users how to store sales notes and emails next to the sales opportunity, have customer service emails next to customer service cases.

This means that you can keep your database clean and relevant and make this information easily accessible when it’s needed, without the need to search though irrelevant documents or notes, from years gone by.

First call Resolution

Maximizer CRM gives you a single screen overview of the customer account, so now not only do you have access to a full history, including correspondence between the customer and other members of your team, but you can also see which opportunities, customer service cases and marketing activities are active and discuss any of these when relevant.

Allowing your team to give information on and of these were necessary and achieve a higher first call resolution rate or first response score as a result.

Multiple level notes and documents, including emails means that you have access to more information than ever before, stored against the relevant part of the company or contact record exactly when you need it.

Happy Customers

For your customers this means that whoever they speak to within your business, at whatever time they speak to them, they can expect the same information. Customers have the confidence that whoever they speak to they can achieve their desired outcome. They begin to trust that you care, because you can show that you are aware of them and their business at all times, and in all correspondence levels.

Better follow up

Work is better followed up because information is shared, tasks are assigned both to yourself and to others within the team and communication on progress is clear and transparent.

Have you ever contacted a business of which you are a customer and received a great service?

If so the chances are is that they have a structured and well implemented CRM in place and they are using it to enhance the experience that the customers receive.

For more information on how Unimax Solutions can help you to implement Maximizer CRM into your business and begin to put these things in place contact us today.