What is CRM in business?

Updated: Apr 14

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If you have clicked on this article and started to read it, I’m pretty sure that you are either looking for or are interested in finding out more about CRM. Maybe you are wondering, what does a CRM system do? Or what are the key features of a CRM system? If so you are in the right place.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of blog articles dedicated to the CRM basics, these have been designed for people just like you who are looking for more information.

These articles will give you an overview of CRM and also hints and tips when looking for the right solution for your own business and the needs of your company, its employees and your customers.

So, what is a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about understanding your contacts, potential customers and existing customers through the information that you hold on them. Enabling you to give them, and you, an overall better experience when working together.

Businesses hold a range of information on both customers and prospects, from basic contact information to more targeted information such as when they buy, how they buy and how they respond to marketing.

For many businesses, this information may be kept in a range of places such as email accounts, spreadsheets or paper. It can be frustrating to find or share information when it is needed, it can also be hard to track and can be difficult to quickly pull reports.

Implementing a CRM system means putting all of this information in one place and making this information more effective and visible for everyone in the business.

There are huge benefits in using CRM such as,

  • Better lead qualification,

  • Improved customer services,

  • Increased customer retention and loyalty,

  • Higher renewal rates, cross-sell and upsell opportunities,

  • Quicker to find, share and utilise information,

  • Increased sales,

  • More business intelligence

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