Why CRM systems are important to running an effective business

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are essential to help any business to run successfully. By implementing systems and processes that can be automated and tracked easily, CRM systems make the day-to-day running of your business simple.

A utilised CRM system allows more time for business development and growth, resulting in bigger profits and happier customers.

How CRM systems are important to business growth

Customer relationships are at the heart of every successful business. A company that doesn’t manage its customers effectively will not last long and will certainly find it difficult to grow a good reputation. Alongside that, businesses and teams who are not using their time efficiently can have a huge impact on profits and business development opportunities.

Your current, potential, and past customer relationships can all be managed through an effective CRM system that is tailored to you. By nurturing these relationships, you’re more likely to get loyal customers… and loyal customers lead to a more profitable and repeat business.

When you use a custom CRM system, you can –

· Learn more about your customers

Find out who your customers are in more detail. See why people buy your products or services and track purchase history to see potential trends. Using a CRM system can also give you an insight into where your leads are coming from, and which channels are working most effective.

· Organise and streamline your communications

See all conversation history with your customers in one place, making customer queries easier. When different team members are assigned to different stages of customer relations, you will know exactly what’s been said before. New leads and enquiries all come through a centralised system to be managed by your team effectively – letting nothing slip through the cracks.

· Set up automated systems

Automate your processes, including emails and follow-ups, purchasing workflows, delivery updates, review requests, promotional deals, and more. Any day-to-day process you currently do manually can be automated to save you valuable time. Automating your systems also allows for an optimum customer experience with consistency.

· View sales data and analytics

Track which emails your customers have read, how often people have bought from you, and their average sale value. You can also track how well your marketing campaigns are leading to clicks, enquiries, or sales with a CRM system. Getting all this valuable data in one place makes reaching goals easier to manage.

· Optimise your sales process and simplify your customer journey

When your new leads come through, using a CRM system can make it easier to see where they either drop off or convert. Having this knowledge will give you an insight into where to focus your efforts throughout the sales process. It can also make the up and cross-selling process simpler, maximising your sales potential.

You can also see common queries and confusion from your customers, meaning if you are answering the same questions time and time again, you can simplify your customer journey or add in another client onboarding step to reduce friction. Read our guide to improving your customer journey phases for more information on this.

· Save time and money

Ultimately, all the points listed above save you valuable time, therefore, saving you money. When your team members are spending less time on manual responses and onboarding new customers, there’s more time to grow and develop your business. Get a more efficient business, every step of the way…

Spot opportunities to improve your overall business quicker with CRM systems. Avoid the common problem of growing too fast and not being able to keep up with demand by putting in the right systems.

With these aspects of your business improving, you can allocate more time for setting goals and business planning. Spend more time and have a bigger budget for marketing, lead generation, business development, and any other areas of your business that need attention.

If you start using off-the-shelf CRM systems, people usually reach a point where either the subscription costs go sky-high to add more features, or you outgrow the system completely and need more functionality. Worse still you can end up amending your business procedures to fit the CRM system – and that’s the wrong way around! That’s why we work with businesses to create bespoke systems that not only suit their current needs but can also be adapted over time to add in new features.

What types of businesses are CRM systems useful for?

We believe there’s not one business that a CRM wouldn’t help. From solopreneurs and one-man-bands, all the way up to global corporations… having effective systems and processes in place can help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

That also refers to industries – no matter what product or service you offer, there’s always a way a CRM system can help you to run your business better. Another reason why choosing a bespoke system is beneficial, is you can audit and adapt every step of your process to ensure it is beneficial to, and suits, your specific business and your customers.

How to start using CRM systems for your business

If you’re reading this and you have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for a CRM system and setting it up, we can help. Before considering any new system, you need to think about your company goals and what areas are most important to your business growth.

There are some free resources to help you start off on the right track. We recommend reading our previous blog post – why customer journey mapping is important to creating a thriving business. You can also download copies of our FREE customer journey guide and the FREE CRM strategy guide – both created to help businesses that have yet to dip their toe into using a CRM.

But don’t worry if you would prefer the more personal approach – we offer a consultancy service to make sure you feel confident in your new system. Get in touch and one of our expert team members will arrange a call with you.

At Unimax Solutions, our bespoke CRM systems are created to suit your specific business needs. With tailored CRM systems, your business can grow effectively without limitations. Contact us for more information.

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