Why customer journey mapping is important to create a thriving business

Updated: Jan 20

Why is customer journey mapping so vital to the success of your business?

Well by outlining your customer journey, you lay solid foundations to create efficient systems and procedures and are able to automate certain aspects of your business.

This gives your customers a streamlined experience, every time. From their initial research, onboarding and the sales process… right through to becoming an ambassador for your brand.

The number of companies who lose business or have unsatisfied customers because they have disjointed departments, each with their own processes, is shockingly high!

We want to help you avoid making the same mistake…

What is customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping simply refers to outlining the steps your customers go through, from finding out about you to after the sale is completed. You may ‘know’ these steps but having a written down, formal, customer journey map can make a real difference. Let us explain.

Most customers follow the same five stages from being a potential lead to a happy customer and beyond –

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Purchase

4. Service

5. Loyalty

But customers could enter their journey with you at different stages in that process and so have different customer experiences. Having a set customer journey to take your prospects through, no matter which stage or how they enter, will help create loyal and happy customers each and every time

Along the way, your prospects will see many different touchpoints from your brand -different marketing messages or communication points. You need all these touchpoints to be consistent and flow beautifully to make sure your customer service is excellent throughout… this is easily created through the process of customer journey mapping.

What to consider when creating your customer journey map

When you start thinking about customer journey mapping, the best thing to do is to go back to basics. List out all the different ways people find out about you and what steps they go through from the first point of contact to you asking them for a review.

By doing this, you can clearly see each step under the five different stages (detailed above), creating a picture of your customer journey map.

It’s a great idea to create a visual flow chart, explaining the possible routes people take. This can be particularly beneficial if you have multiple services, a complex offer, or multiple departments or teams.

For example, you might have a potential prospect who sees your social media post, views your website, and gets in touch via a phone call to find out more. In this scenario, your prospect has turned into a qualified lead through the early stages of a simple customer journey process.

However, another prospect may get in touch with a named member of staff via email following a friend telling them about you… And there could be any number of other scenarios. By knowing these differences, you will see opportunities to create the smoothest and most effective customer journey, benefitting both your company and your customers.

Improving customer service with customer journey mapping

No matter what type of business you have, customers are its heart. You are there to provide a solution to their problems and fulfil their needs and wants. And, with so much competition in every marketplace, creating the best possible customer experience will tip the scales towards them choosing you over a competitor.

Customer service is no longer just a friendly employee answering the phone or something being delivered on time … people expect much more than that now – they expect an experience!

From the moment they land in the awareness stage, you need to do everything in your power to eradicate any objections or concerns so that you don’t send them into the hands of your competitors. By looking after every potential new customer, you will have a more successful business and happier, repeat customers, all whilst making your own life easier because your business processes are in place and working efficiently.

Nurturing current customers with efficient systems

After completing your customer journey mapping and setting a company-wide standard, new enquiries can be dealt with more effectively and existing relationships nurtured and developed.

It’s a proven fact that it is far more cost-effective to retain your customers than obtain new ones and the best way to keep your current customers happy is to WOW them even AFTER the purchase has happened.

Think about any time you’ve ordered something. The company will have sent you an order confirmation and then a dispatch notification. But how many businesses go a step, or two, further?

Do you remember to contact your customers to see how they found your product/service after the transaction was completed?

If you don’t already, it’s a huge opportunity!

You can undertake this step in a number of ways, depending on your business type. It could be a simple email to ask if they need any further help or assistance, or it could be that you decide a personalised phone call would be better.

No matter what you decide, you can add this as another touchpoint in the customer journey map… but you need a system to help you keep track every step and ensure all happen consistently and none are missed.

Customer journey mapping to create a streamlined experience for you and your customers

Another huge benefit of identifying your customer journey along with the sales and marketing touchpoints is to create a repeatable process. By dealing with each new prospect in the same way and having set systems in place, you know each customer is getting the best experience.

An ideal way to create an efficient, streamlined experience is by using customer relationship management (CRM) software. Unimax Solutions offers tailored CRM systems that are customised to your business, and we believe customer journey mapping is the first step to finding the perfect fit.

Having a CRM system will not only allow your customer experience to run more smoothly, it will also improve the way you organise your business and your team’s activities.

With a CRM system, you can automate customer processes and set reminders. It means things won’t slip through the net.

Customer journey mapping is essential for every growing business, as it’s guaranteed to ensure –

  • Time spent onboarding clients is reduced because staff members know exactly how to deal with new enquiries

  • Many steps and touchpoints can be automated saving man-hours – allowing you and your team to spend more time with your customers at the appropriate times

  • You reduce the risk of the quality slipping if your team grows or changes, or someone is ever absent

  • Customers know what to expect each time they purchase and will be more likely to recommend you

  • Your efforts are focused on the correct areas, spotting any opportunities for improvement

  • Your customers get the personal attention they deserve because you are spending less time on admin tasks

We would love you to take the information contained in this article and begin customer journey mapping. It’s a task you won’t regret investing your time into. If you feel you’d like further information, download our FREE ‘Customer Journey Guide’ and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice!

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