Why Salespeople need CRM for lead generation

At the time of writing this blog, I’m 3 months into my new job working at Unimax Solutions and working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

During the last year of my school years, despite countless career talks about what I wanted to do when I left school to go into my working life, I still had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. The time to leave school, sure enough, came around and I ended up going straight to college and enrolling onto a Travel & Tourism course, still unsure what I wanted to do, I had the hope this would grab my attention and point me into something I could get into.

That didn’t exactly work out; however, it did teach me a few things about working in a business environment and also helped me develop the skills needed to deal with customers and sales.

Leaving college, I’ve gone on to have a string of jobs, many of which were in cold calling sales roles in call centers. As if sales aren’t hard enough, but imagine being on an automatic dialler calling out to customers with zero information about them to start with, you’re going in completely blind.

Upon the customer answering you’re more often than not told that they’ve already spoken to somebody from your business and they’ve already discussed products which they are not interested in, but as I mentioned we were going in blind with no notes prior. The sales team I was a part of wasn’t singing from the same hymn sheet.

The opportunity to work at Unimax Solutions

Enough was enough, I’d worked in call centers for the best part of 5+ years, it was time for a change.

Which leads me nicely onto getting an opportunity to work at Unimax Solutions, a lifeline if you like. I’ve known Becky Hanson, our Managing Director, for several years from working at the same business a few years prior. I was looking for a new job, Becky was looking to bring somebody new into the business, great timing, right?

Unimax Solutions specialise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and my job role here involves a range of things from social media, networking, lead generation, and sales.


I use CRM every single day in my role, which without it would be a nightmare and probably become an unorganised mess on my desk. The beauty of having a CRM system is that I can plan my entire month right down to the exact minute as my diary is built within Maximizer CRM, along with that I can see my colleague’s availability so I can avoid potential calendar clashes.

Leads Module

As I mentioned part of my role is to go out to networking events and meet with other local businesses, which is a massive step into the unknown for me from working in a call center for so long.

I come to realise early on you can accumulate a fair amount of business cards quite quickly, which isn’t ideal if you work in a paperless environment or you have no real way of storing the details to follow up later on.

Within Maximizer CRM there is a leads module built into the system, this is probably where I spend quite a bit of my time, this allows me to input the details from business cards and any leads from social media and other sources, allowing the leads to be securely stored in one place, keeping my desk tidy and helping me follow up effectively without having to spend time looking for a misplaced card.

Once I’ve added details into Maximizer CRM, I’m then able to set remainders called ‘Hotlist tasks’, which prompt you to follow up on a specific task you have set either to yourself or you can allocate them to colleagues if it would be better suited to their role to deal with.

Another great part of Maximizer CRM that I like is the notes are saved against the contact and business you are speaking with, as well as been able to see colleague’s notes which make picking up from last conversations effortless and allows me to understand what has already been discussed and what needs to happen next.

It sounds something that is dead simple, and if you’ve never used a CRM system then I guess calling up people blind and having awkward phone calls and having to backtrack just becomes the norm, It’s not until you actually come across a well-implemented CRM you become to realise how much time you were wasting and how much more productive you can now be.

Since I’ve properly started using CRM day in and day out, and the more I’m learning the capabilities of this system, I honestly believe every business would massively benefit from a CRM system in place as it helps with productivity and improves customer experience dramatically.