Why you need to appoint a lead person (internally) for large CRM projects

When you start researching Customer Relationship Management systems for your business then chances are you will either do this initial research yourself or you will appoint a member of your team to conduct the initial research and then deliver the initial findings to you or your team.

Either way the early stages have limited involvement from people and making these enquiries is structured, with clear objectives and outcomes.

However, often when you start to do a deeper dive into the needs of your business you begin to look at each team or workstream.

More and more people become involved, each bringing with them their own views and insights. If you have a team of managers who all want to be involved and input in the decision-making process, then you have a team who are engaged in the business and who want the project to succeed, and that is great. But, CRM can be mean something different to everyone you speak to and each person you speak to may have a unique checklist of wishlist items, this is a vital part of the fact-find and selection process and you need to keep things as clear as possible.

Choosing the right person to lead your project
Team Decisions

Without a clear point of contact or lead person managing the overall wants and needs of the team as a whole, people will make requests and assumptions of the CRM with only their own team in mind.

This happens a lot with larger CRM projects when multiple teams and managers are involved. Each person focuses on what they need and can only focus on their own objectives.

Although each person and team have equally valid views and opinions this can lead to a jumbled system with too many fields and in the end an over-complex CRM that is not user friendly at all.

Sometimes when multiple teams are involved in a project they need to be reminded about the bigger picture and at times need to be refocused on the overall objective.

This is one of the reasons that if you are implementing a new Customer Relationship Management system for a large company we recommend that you appoint a CRM champion to lead the project within your business.

This person will be the main point of contact throughout the project, be available for both internal and external meetings, collate information and work with our project manager to keep things on track. Helping to ensure that the overall objective is met and ultimately help everyone see the overall system.

If you would like to discuss this or any other area of CRM please feel free to book in an initial consultation, we are here to help.