Working in Partnership with Pearson FS

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Matthew Pearson of Pearson Financial Services, has been using Maximizer CRM delivered and supported by Unimax Solutions since November 2018, after 4 years of business in the finance sector we found out how Maximizer CRM has helped his business.

What Problem were you trying to solve?

Organisation has never been my strong point; I spend a lot of time working with clients to deliver excellent service and as a result I quickly accumulate a lot of daily tasks.

My daily workload needed organising and I needed to be able to focus on priority tasks and reduce the time I spent flitting from one task to another to become more focused.

Was CRM your first choice as a solution?

In all honesty I didn’t know what CRM was, that may sound strange but, I had used CRM in many roles before in different businesses the thing as that the systems always had a designated name and were rarely described as CRM. I knew I needed something to make me organised and CRM was a great fit.

How was the problem affecting you?

My days were not as efficient as they should have been, I was working long hours and losing time on a daily basis trying to get everything done.

Keeping on track is invaluable to me, ensuring I keep focused and don’t miss anything

What other solutions did you consider?

I tried lots of things, To-Do lists, Excel spreadsheets etc.

Why did you choose Maximizer CRM? And why did you choose to use Unimax Solutions?

Maximizer CRM is so user friendly, the system is moldable and was configured for the needs of me and my business.

I never had to think about changing the way I work or my processes. Unimax Solutions have worked with me from day one to give me a system that works, keeps me organised and increases my productivity leaving me to focus on delivering and excellent level of service to my customers without forcing me to reduce the time I spend with them.

Alix and the team always supplied a great level of support to both the initial set up and any ongoing questions I have had.

I save on average 10 hours a week using Maximizer CRM

What would have happened if you had not implemented CRM?

If I had not implemented CRM it would have impacted my business, I wouldn’t be able to stay on top of all the things I have to do on a daily basis.

Opportunities would have been missed and customer service would have eventually suffered. This is something I take great pride in and I can now continue to deliver this without added stresses.

What risks did you consider?

Initially costs were a concern, although Maximizer CRM is not expensive there is an initial outlay for set up, again not a huge cost but something that needs to be taken into account. I have to say that now, given the system I have now I would happily payed double for the benefits I receive.

What Reservations did you have?

I’m not a techy person, so for me I was concerned that I wouldn’t get the full benefit of the database, or that I would give up and the system would fall into disuse. But now, I have a system that is usable and will grow with my business.

What Measurable Benefits have you seen?

For me it’s the time I now have, I save on average 10 hours a week using Maximizer CRM.

Keeping on track is invaluable to me, ensuring I keep focused and don’t miss anything. I have a clear process and can quickly see each stage as and when I need to meaning I can this means I can get more offers out to clients and keep track of them, Invoice quicker and in turn get paid quicker.

What advice would you give to other people in business looking to implement CRM?

Have the conversation, be honest about what you want and need to get the system to work for you, you don’t have to change the way you work to implement a good CRM system. Pick the phone up and have a chat.

If you would like to now more about Pearson FS or would like to contact Matthew for advice on Mortgages, Protection, Wills & Estate Planning or Pension Investments please visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.