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Having the choice to host Maximizer CRM on your own servers - or on ours - means that you can keep your database on the option that works best for you and your business, and any infrastructures you may already have in place or be looking to implement. 

Maximizer CRM Live 

For businesses that want to reduce the cost of implementation by using a secure server in the cloud this is a great option and often the simplest. If this sounds like your business, we would advise the Maximizer CRM Live option. 

Maximizer CRM Subscription 

For businesses that have a pre-existing server in place or are looking to purchase a server for various reasons. On premise simply means that the CRM system would be installed on to your own server either on site or in your own virtual cloud. In this case we would recommend the Maximizer CRM Subscription model. 

Maximizer CRM Live

Maximizer CRM hosted in the Maximizer Software Limited cloud in a secure UK based data centre.

From £38.00 
per user per month

Maximizer CRM Subscription

Maximizer CRM hosted on your own servers on premise in your office or in your own external cloud server

From £30.00
per user per month

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