All of our services have the same goal… to create the ultimate CRM system for your unique business, to ensure it streamlines and automates your processes, and to ensure your team are confident in using it.

To explain how we work with our clients we have created a series of infographics which highlight each stage from initial enquiry, to your bespoke system going live!

We have designed this business model using our 25 years’ experience of implementing hundreds of systems for thousands of users.  We know that in following the sequence of steps below, we will ensure your CRM is exactly what you need.

Our Sales Process

Our aim is to ensure that Maximizer CRM, once customised, is the best tool for your business.  As you will see from the graphic below, we go through a series of measured steps to ensure this.  If at one of the early stages, we do not believe it is the right fit for you, we will be honest about this. 

We have long term, strong and healthy relationships with our clients and so we only work with those businesses for which the CRM is the right fit.

Sales 1.png


Maximizer CRM is a great standalone product; however, each business has different needs and works in different ways. From in product applications, such as MailChimp and Microsoft Outlook, through to bespoke integration projects, we can work with you to enhance the CRM experience even further.

Ongoing Support

A successful CRM implementation doesn’t finish with “Go Live”; we continue to work with you on a schedule that suits your business, to ensure that Maximizer CRM continues to deliver, grow and enhance both your business and the overall experience your customers receive.

Configuring Your Maximizer CRM

Once we have established that Maximizer CRM is the right tool for your business, we begin work to customise it for you.  This stage is critical to ensure the system works to its maximum potential and saves your business time and money over your current processes… and creates more sales leads and conversions.


Going Live!

The final phase is to train your team and import your data into the CRM so that you can begin to use it to create new efficiencies, streamline your processes and deliver your best ever customer service.  However, we must stress that that is not where the relationship ends.  We are always here in the background should you ever need any support.


Our Commitment to You

We will never advise you to purchase the Maximizer CRM if we do not believe it will benefit your business.  With over 25 years’ experience in building CRM systems for our clients, we know those customer relationships are the single most important aspect of a business.  Any business.  Ours included.  We want to have a long, happy and productive relationship with you and, therefore, we will never make false promises that we cannot deliver.


If you would like to start a conversation about how Maximizer CRM could benefit your business, then please contact us today.